Don’t let 4-rounds of trap or a day at the range feel like 12-rounds in the boxing ring!

Universal Shotgun Pad: $15.50 shipped.
(Fits most field and competition shotguns without an adjustable comb)

BT-99 w/factory adjustable comb: $15.50 shippped

Remington 870 and 1100 Classic Trap: $15.50 shipped.

Custom Shotgun Pads: $20.50 shipped.
(You can send us your custom template: Contact us for instructions)

Universal Rifle Pad: $15.50 shipped.
(Fits most field and competition rifles)

Universal AR15 Pad: $15.50 shipped.
(Some trimming may be required)

Pads to fit most Magpul AR15 stocks: $15.50 shipped.
(Please indicate Magpul Stock model)

Available in 3 colors: Black, Red, Blue

- Soft, silky smooth feel
- Thin ... minimal effect on point of impact
- Repels sweat and moisture
- Easy to apply.
(Instructions inside package - Click Here for Video Tutorial)
- Removable
- Use on wood or synthetic stocks
- Will not damage fine wood stocks
- Latex free
- 100% Satisfaction guarantee
- Custom team/company imprints and colors available

or call...
Mike/Sales: 402-889-9222
Billy/Production/Tech: 402-889-9041

Dealer Opportunities and samples available.